If you want to know what your home is truly worth, Zillow shouldn't be your first stop. Here's why.

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Just how accurate are Zillow Zestimates?


You may have seen that Zillow recently came under fire for the accuracy of these home value estimates. In Chicago, it's often off by 10% or more. 


These estimates are driven by an algorithm, meaning they judge the value of your house based on a few homes that have sold in the area. If your home has any special features that affect its value, they will likely be overlooked. For example, Zillow won't know if you recently updated the kitchen, ripped out that old shag carpet, or updated to hardwood floors.

"Zillow can't account for any upgrades or special features in your home."

That's why I advise to always consult your real estate agent when looking to buy or sell a home. We walk through the house and note any upgrades to use among many other factors to assess its value.


If you have any questions about our market or you'd like to know what your home is worth, give me a call. I'd love to help you!